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Local Evaluation Methods

We are asking programmes to share their expertise by sending their questionnaires and other methodologies to NESS so that we can place them on the web site for other programmes to adapt for their own purposes.

We have grouped the information by the topic of the questionnaire. The particular programme and (if applicable) local evaluator responsible for developing the measure will be identifiable on the document, so that you can communicate with them.

Registration and Monitoring.

Colchester - Colchester Registration and Monitoring Form
Haringey - WestGreen & Chesnuts Team Evaluation Form
Sheffield - Foxhill Letter about Information
Sheffield - Foxhill Public Health Data Form
Ealing - South Northolt Monitoring Form

Needs Assessment Questionnaires.

These surveys were designed to collect baseline data, usually conducted prior to implementing services.

Camden - Euston Baseline Survey
Camden - Kentish Town Needs Assessment
Mansfield - Ravensdale Baby Support Survey Tool
Sedgemoor - Bridgwater Survey Youth Centre
Wolverhampton - Eight Village Training Employment for Parents
Worcester -  'Lads To Dads' Research Project Questionnaire 2004

User Satisfaction Questionnaires.

This section provides a variety of examples of questionnaires that will allow local programmes to meet the criteria required for the SDA monitoring target on satisfaction levels.

A Sure Start Parent Questionnaire
Birmingham Small Heath Parent Satisfaction Survey
Bournemouth - Bournemouth 2nd Community Survey 2004
Bournemouth - Bournemouth User Satisfaction Survey
Colchester - Colchester Questionnaire
Fenland - South Fenland User Survey Questionnaire
Hackney - Collingwood & Stepney Health Survey
Halton Widnes - Halton Widnes User Satisfaction Survey
Sheffield - Gleadless Valley Questionnaire
Shrewsbury & Atcham - Shrewsbury User Satisfaction Questionnaire
Shrewsbury & Atcham - Shrewsbury User Satisfaction Questionnaire
Southwark - West Bermondsey Community Survey Questionnaire
Teignmouth - Teignmouth & Dawlish Health & Fitness Questionnaire
Tower Hamlets - Weaver & Spitalfields Customer Satisfaction Survey
Worcester - Worcester Family Support Fund Questionnaire Sport
Worcester - Worcester Porthcawl Trip Questionnaire
Worcester - Worcester Questionnaire for Cafe Evaluation
Worcester - Worcester SALT Questoinnaire July 05

Surveys of Professionals.

Derby - Rosehill Stakeholder Survey
Sedgemoor - Bridgwater Staff Satisfaction Questionnaire
Southwark - West Bermondsey Provider Questionnaire
Torbay - Torquay Questionnaire for Referrers to Sound Parenting
Torbay - Torquay Staff Satisfaction Questionnaire
Wolverhampton - Eight Village, Family Support Outcomes Tool for Reviewing Closed Case Notes
Wolverhampton - Wolverhampton East Qualitative Interview Schedules Designed for Fathers Work Evaluation

Qualitative/Open-ended Methods.

Birmingham - Small Heath Interview Schedule for Management Board Members
Camden - Euston Qualitative Bengali Focus Group
Camden - Euston Qualitative Needs Questions
Interview Schedules for Sure Start Swindon's Play Start Service
Ipswich - South East Ipswich Visual Methodolgy
Middlesbrough - Abingdon Interview Schedule
Nuneaton - Nuneaton, Interview Schedules for Evaluation of the Impact of Early Years Work
Nuneaton - Nuneaton, Observation Schedule for the Impact of Early Years Work
Oxford - Rose Hill Infrequent User Interview Schedule
Oxford - Rose Hill Interview Schedule
Stoke on Trent - Shelton, Cobridge Hanley- Interview Schedule for Sewing Group Evaluation
Swindon - Pinehurst & Penhill Themes for Interviews for Evaluation of Health Visiting Service 2003
Torbay - Torquay Structured Interview Schedule
Wolverhampton - Heath Town, Eight Village Template for Reviewing Family Support Closed Care Plans

Questionnaires about Sure Start Services

Birmingham - Ladywood Questionnaire
Birmingham - Ladywood Questionnaire for Evaluation of Individual & Family Services 2004
Penwith - Lescudjack Baseline Survey
Sandwell Toy Library Questionnaire
Sandwell - Burnt Tree Toy Library Data Collection Tool
Sedgemoor - Bridgwater Community Questionnaire
Sedgemoor - Bridgwater Drop-in Group Interview
Sedgemoor - Bridgwater Mobile Library User Survey
Southwark - East Peckham's Parent Satisfaction Survey
Stoke on Trent - Abbey Bucknall User Satisfaction Survey
Stoke on Trent - Longton South, Parent Survey for Play Service
Wandsworth - Battersea User Satisfaction Survey


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